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A while ago The Spoon Crank was invited to a Milk Paint workshop in Belgium. We decided to make the most of it and go all together as a family, meaning Dio, our 3-year old daughter and I. Taking a 3-year old along on a paint workshop sounds a bit messy you may think. Yes, we were a little nervous beforehand…

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We rock up to the warehouse, full of curiousity and excitement. Personally, I love painting. Not like art painting, but painting furniture and walls and other forgiving stuff using big brushes, where it doesn’t matter that I have zero sense of composition or proportion, but where I can just get messy with the paints and see the object transform. We had brought plenty of entertainment (think pens, paper, books, and the good old iPad) along for the kid, and figured we’d be able to follow the training and keep the kid busy at the same time. After all, we were going on a painting session, and kids love painting, right?

To cut a long story short, it was a great day! The 3-year old went all in, and the lady running the workshop was very patient and generous with supplies. A few pieces of clothing were sacrificed for the day, but nothing that wouldn’t come out in the wash. We learnt about different Milk Paint techniques and made a wonderful memory as a family.

We were thinking about how to spread the fun to more families (and to those in touch with their inner child), and figured that painting kits with paint suitable for children is a good place to start.

So we have launched a Dala Horse Painting Kit with paints suitable for children over 5. We hope you like it, and wish you many colourful sessions ahead!

PS: The Milk Paints (suitable for adults), are available here.

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