Carolina Smoorenburg


‘The most dangerous about carving out in nature, must be the mosquitos’

During my travels through Sweden I fell in love with the Hemslöjd culture. It touched my innermost fibers. Hemslojd is about the ability to provide for ones needs with respect for nature, about handcrafted utensils that are made at home. The beauty and craftsmanship that is captured in these functional items continues to fascinate me. From this came the inspiration for which is now under development.

My carving journey started after I built my cedar strip canoe. Out on canoe trips I’d play around with the axe, knife and saw I carried with me. While whittling away at a, often wet, piece of firewood, the choice for functional items came naturally. The need for something to stir the stew with after my plastic spork broke. Or a coffee scoop that fit inside the jar. When portaging difficult trails you need to lighten your load (not make it heavier). With only one extra little hook knife spoon carving came within reach. That fueled me to explore the carving of wooden camping utensils that would not fail me.

Spooncarving stuck with me, as did my love for canoeing and camping out in nature. I started to teach occasionally and to make spoons or other items upon request. Slowly these interests grew into a way of life. Opening new adventures and paths to explore.

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