Jack Fazey

United Kingdom

I’m Jack Fazey, aka Fazey Woodcraft.

I have spent my life studying & practicing the skills, crafts & beliefs of ancient societies. I am a husband, father, teacher, maker & mender.

My journey into green woodworking officially began in 2011, when i started an apprenticeship with renowned woodsman Ben Law. This apprenticeship saw me living full time in a 100 acre coppice in West Sussex, managing the woodland in the traditional way and learning ancient skills such as charcoal making, timber framing and the green wood crafts that used to supply us with the majority of our everyday items.

This fascination with ancient hunter gatherer societies, different ways of living and natural history drives my passion to learn, create & pass on knowledge which i believe can only be for the betterment of our society as a whole.

As well as running fazey woodcraft, i am lead instructor with ‘wildway bushcraft’ – a dorset based bushcraft & survival skills educator, and a tree surgeon – which provides me with most of the materials i need for my woodwork.

All the wood & bark I use in my work is gathered sustainably from my local area by me. The majority of the wood & bark I use in my work & teaching would otherwise have been turned into woodchip.

You can find out more at www.fazeywoodcraft.uk & @fazeywoodcraft

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