Jim Cameron


Hi, I’m Jim. 

Here’s how it all began:

My spoon carving journey started when I stumbled across Lee John Phillips – an incredibly talented artist and carver, who I found on Instagram. Not only did I find his illustrations to be beautiful, but the spoons he makes are something else!

From that moment forward, I was hooked. I fell in love with the craft of spoon carving, and began to educate myself as much as possible, as soon as possible. The international spoon community is made up of so many talented makers who generously share their knowledge and experience – and I try to absorb it all.

A humble set of knives, a few spoon blanks, and a flood of bespoke Christmas orders later, ‘Jim Spoons’ was born!

The connection I felt to what I was crafting was a unique experience for me. I found it extremely meditative and calming. Finally, I had found the ultimate combination: a peaceful escape and a way to express myself creatively! And I’m grateful that I discovered carving when I did, as it provided me with the perfect escape from the chaotic new world that the pandemic brought us in 2020. I had made furniture before, but there was something special about taking something from a log of wood to a wooden spoon, using nothing but hand tools. 


About my spoons:

I am drawn to the simple beauty and utility of wooden spoons. There are basic design principles that dictate whether a spoon can function as intended, but within those boundaries lives the potential for such intricate beauty that is pleasing to all the senses. It’s also a joy learning the many and varied characteristics of different wood types.

I hope to promote woodworking culture – and the benefits of this craft – here in Australia, even though our native trees are very hard to carve!

The opportunity to contribute to sustainable practices, and replace mass-produced spoons is also something close to my heart. It has already begun in my own kitchen, as well as the kitchens of my friends and family – for which I feel very honoured. 

I’m still at the beginning of my spoon carving journey and excited to continue learning from the many inspiring makers in the spoon community.

Thank you so much for your support. 

I hope you like my spoons!

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