Jonathan Beya


I was born in Mora and grew up on a partly self-sufficient farm in Dalarna. I learned to carve from an early age, then as a hobby and for my own needs to express myself creatively. Something I developed together with my interest in outdoor life and bushcraft. Since then, the knife feels like an extension of the arm and it is my most important tool.
Apart from felling larger trees with a chainsaw, I only use simple hand tools. Partly because I care about the environment, but also because I prefer the intimacy that is achieved by working really close to the wood as a material with an ax or knife. A spoon or a cup can last for generations, as long as someone cares and ascribes value to them. This is one of the reasons that motivates me to spend a lot of time to achieve both highe quality and appealing patterns and decors on every item I make.
Today I am married, have three children and work as slöjdare full-time. In addition to carving, I enjoy being with my family. I am a passionate canoeist and hiker, but also interested in natural science, epistemology and philosophy.

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