Jo's Woodcraft


My name is Joseph and I live on the beautiful island of Barbados, situated in the Caribbean. Jo’s Woodcraft is a solo run business fueled by my passion for nature, sustainability, creativity, and a drive to learn more about my surrounding environment.
Focusing on hand tools and green woodworking techniques, each piece is made from locally grown and salvaged timbers.
By using a variety of woods, I aim to highlight Barbados’ local trees and their importance. Trees like Fiddlewood, Candlewood, Mahogany, Bajan Ebony, Mango, Guava and many more.
Wooden kitchen utensils are not only sustainable, but safe to use with all your pots and pans, and can last for generations.
Below you can see pictures of my work, and at the bottom of the page you can find some of my offerings, some ready to ship and some made to order.
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