Julian Jones


Littlebear Slöjd is Julian’s Spooncarving business. Littlebear refers to Ursa Minor, and Ursula, which is his Daughter’s middle name. Slöjd (Anglicised as “Sloyd”) is the Swedish word for practical and useful handcrafts. It also refers to an educational philosophy about teaching wood and leather craft – especially wood carving – to young people.

Julian is a certified wooden spoon tragic and has carved hundreds of spoons since picking up the hobby on a trip to Canada. He also has a bachelors degree in history, with research into spoon carving in Wales for his final project. Joining together the craft of spoon carving and the study of material culture history is his way to rediscover the role of the wooden spoon in the household. Julian uses his spoons every day and encourages others to make functional objects and do the same.

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