Myron Unrau


Carving since: As a young boy Myron once fell out of a cherry tree with a pocket knife in his hand; he never climbed into a tree to carve something again.
Carving path: ( as a boy ) Myron carved a wooden hatchet caveman style, string lashing wooden blade to split handle. And he whittled many pointy sticks.
He grew up in Germany where he now lives again (long story short). In his early teens he wanted to learn the old Black Forest carving traditions of southern Germany and about learning how to carve in the land of Cuckoo Clocks. That dream didn’t go anywhere.
( as a younger man) 
If you can draw it, you can carve it. After frustrating himself with a cheap set of Stanley gouges while getting into carving relief panels Myron bought a few basic Pfeil gouges and felt better. Then he built and carved an oak door; it warped but looked awesome. Cutting and carving walking sticks seemed a natural pastime. When he gave his grandfather one his grandma admonished him by saying that “It makes him look too old”. His grandfather used it anyways.
He always had a SAK (Swiss Army Knife) at or in hand and he possibly was one of the first to switch out the iconic red scales for hand shaped and carved walnut scales after forgetting about the knife in a pot of simmering water and seeing that the scales had warped badly; Myron was trying to remove the fishy smell after cleaning a few monster Salmon.
While living in northern British Columbia, Canada Myron wanted to learn carving from first nations carvers but decided against that, respecting their traditional carving and not willing to appropriate their style as a non native.
And so Myron carved more walking sticks and time went by.
( as a middle aged man) Interests in the outdoors, bush craft were instrumental in his first clumsy attempt at making a rudimentary wooden spoon using rudimentary tools, a Gransfors Bruks Outdoors axe, a Mora bushcraft knife and a Svante Djarf hook knife. That first spoon still looks ugly.
And somehow a spark was ignited leading to hours/days/nights spent scouring the Youtubes and interwebs for information and knowledge shared by generous toolmakers and carvers already versed in the old sloyd craft of spoon carving. Everything he knows about spoons, he learned online.
Myron appreciates quality tools and began gathering the tools to help him shape better spoons. Experimenting with this or that maker, replacing this and that model, he’s been known to practice the virtue of patience while waiting on the notoriously long waiting list of one of the top UK based toolmakers; a few times.
A Spoonfest pilgrimage to the hallowed centre of the Spooniverse was unavoidable. There Myron subjected himself to an overload of all things wooden spoon Never having met a single spoon carver up until that point, he suddenly was surrounded by hundreds! Myron met Barn the Spoon and Robin Wood and sloyd superman Jogge Sundquist even wore Myrons’ touque for part of his presentation.
Had anyone told him five years ago that he would be only carving spoons Myron might have slapped that person upside the head. But it’s true, Myron carves mostly spoons. And he would be happy to share some of his blanks with you to carve your own beautiful spoon.

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