Oren Hetzroni


My name is Oren, and I carve spoons. I live on a small farm in the center of Israel, where I grew up. While carving has always been a part of my life, spoons have taken over my life thanks to the amazing carving community. I carve spoons or teach spoon carving any chance I get. You may be familiar with my work, and my spoons are the ones with the snail crawling across them or some other animal from my surroundings.

I love the entire process; from scavenging after a fallen branch to a finished product in one session is so satisfying, creating something useful from “scrap.” The more spoon carvers I meet and get to know, the clearer it becomes that so many of us use spoon carving for meditation, “the spoon zone.”

I am a firm believer in healing through your hands. Whether it’s spoon carving, bowl turning, painting, basket weaving, or anything else that can help get your mind where it needs to be. I believe we all need a little bit of that good feeling we get when creating something.

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