Ryan Morse

United States

I’m Ryan and I carve spoons, a lot. It all began just under three years ago. My wife and I had gone on a “baby-moon” backcountry camping trip to Colorado and I found myself wishing I had something I could occupy my time, but also give me something to remember future adventures by. I’m really not sure how the idea of spoon carving popped into my head, but once it did it stayed firm!

I quickly devoured every video I could find online. I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Tom Scandian (Spoon Carving with Tom), Emmet Van Driesche, and Max (Woodsman’s Finest). Armed with the information these guys provided me, and some newly acquired tools, I was completely hooked and set about carving whenever I possible could.

I love the whole process entirely. From sourcing the wood and feeling the anticipation build as I look at the log and wonder what beauty awaits me, splitting the log open and getting the first glimpse of what the piece of wood is offering me. To running a sharp knife through the wood fibers, revealing the final individual beauty each piece of wood provides. And then you get to use what you just made, sometimes even daily! What could be a more satisfying craft?

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