Svante Djärv


S. Djärv Hantverk AB is a family business that forges and makes tools in small amounts, by hand. All our tools are developed together with experienced wood crafters and professional craftsmen. We have got 120 different tool models and we make around 3000 tools per year.

Our tools are delivered ready to use, sharpened and honed with wood handles. They are forged with high quality tool steel and we treat it several times to achieve the highest possible quality. We make all handles out of Swedish hardwood.

The interest for our hand forged tools have increased a lot the last years and we are very happy about that. As usual the amount of heat and sweat in our workshop is high. But the high demand results in low amounts of tools in stock and long delivery times. We make tools upon order.

With that in mind we would like to remind our customers that everything in our manufacturing process takes a lot of time in order for the quality to remain high. We make all our tools with our own hands, from wood boards and steel bars, from start to finish. In the end, every finished tool have been treated many times before being delivered to you as a craftsman or wood crafter.

During the last 30 years we have developed a broad and functional line of tools, with focus on tradition. Our tools have reached many happy craftsmen and -women all over the world. We are thankful to continue spreading woodwork happiness in the future as well!

/Elsa och Svante

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