Täljogram is run part-time by Felix Wink, Ragnar Kierkegaard Suttner and David Richter – three good friends from their studies at Grebbestad Folk High School.

In the autumn of 2016, Täljogram was founded. The idea came about after Felix in his work as a handicraft consultant in Västerbotten with the task of promoting handicraft realized that handicraft is actually not as easily accessible as many claim. He had already started experimenting with vacuum-packing fresh wood to increase durability and discovered that it was just as enjoyable to carve in an older dated fresh vacuum-packed piece of wood as a completely fresh one straight from the forest.

A desire to make more people discover the joy and satisfaction of creating with their own hands took shape and that was the seed for Täljogram. Early on, Felix and Ragnar continued to brainstorm the idea of ​​making it available and finding new ways of counting, which resulted in a joint realization of the emerging idea. After a first successful year, David also took over in Täljogram and since January 2018, the business has been run by this trio.

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