The Mill Story


The Mill Story, originated in Istanbul in the founded-2014 thanks to the western boot passions and adventurous characters of two childhood friends.
We started The Mill Story to bring to life products inspired by our lifestyles and the people who share our values. We hope to reinvent each piece with more functional materials, better fits, greater comfort, and a longer life.
Most of our production is made in Istanbul, our hometown. We encourage local consumption. We also produce a small part of our collection in the heart of Beşiktaş in Istanbul as our leather comes from this historial city.
By circumventing large factories, designing in-house and cutting out middlemen, we’re able to deliver premium, personalised pieces at a fraction of the expected price. We choose to do business sustainably and empower local communities in the process.
Every product is ethically made. In this age of consumerism, fast-fashion has become the norm and quality handmade goods are few and far between.
To us, The Mill Story is not just a brand of products. It’s a story—the story of two men passionately committed to building a brand, a business and products that come from a real place with real heart and soul.
And it’s also the story of products built for customers who appreciate that sort of thing.

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