Torstein Pettersen


I was born and raised in Bergen on the west coast of Norway. I work as a structural engineer and live in the city center together with my partner and our 4 year old son. I, like most other Norwegians, had wood shop class in school but it never really stuck with me until I hit my thirties. I started off by doing relief carving (and still revisit that sometimes) and slowly transitioned into green woodworking. I suppose there are several reasons why I love carving spoons, there is for instance a social aspect to it as it is a relatively democratic sub-genre of woodworking. The threshold for starting carving spoons is very low. But also the fact that it gets you out into nature, which is a must for a Norwegian like me living in a city.

Now I’ve been carving spoons for four or five years, and I’m still learning. I recently decided to sell some of my work as there is, apparently, a limit to how many spoons one may keep in the house without seeming like a hoarder. So I hope some of them will peak peoples interest and find a new home.

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