Viv Walker

United Kingdom

The way that I approach my craft practice is heavily inspired by my archaeology training and research into past crafts, both methodologically and aesthetically. I see my work as part of the most recent stage in a very long history of making things and experimenting with materials. Particularly in the case of green woodworking, which is a craft that’s been practised expertly for millennia!

I have an eclectic track record of work in the creative arts, craft working and archaeology – experiences which have all affected how and what I make. Currently, I am looking in more depth into the way that wooden objects were decorated and designed in the past as inspirations for new work.

I am very lucky to have the materials and space to be able to make things from scratch from the green wood in my workshop in the Lake District, UK. I usually source wood from fallen branches (or from friends with chainsaws!) and try to avoid unnecessarily chopping up any trees. Currently, my store includes lots of alder and rowan. I have over four years experience making spoons and greatly enjoy picking out the shape of a spoon from the billet of wood!

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