Yvonne Zmarsly


My name is Yvonne and I live in Munich, Germany, working as a freelance graphic desig- ner. After stumbling upon Instagrams nicest, kindest and most sharing bubble I started carving about three years ago and it’s one of my favorite things to do ever since.
I have always been interested in crafts and also love doing pottery as well as creating colorful stitched japanese balls out of cloth and yarn, with a rattle inside made of river pebbles. Generally I am most fascinated in making pieces with stories or references to locations, little magical objects with a tiny soul. That are a second life of something.

The impulse to carve is to me the same as to keep a sketchbook, trying out new shapes, practice skills and chase ideas, only that when finished something has been created that can actually be used and be part of every day life, which is very satisfying.
I like to have specialized spoons in all sizes and shapes and therefore have spoons that are merely dedicated to sprinkle extra herbs or spices on our dinner. Or that are only used for fruit salad. Or mashed potatoes. I often serve parts of diner extra instead of combi- ning everything in the kitchen, to have a reason to set the table with more of my favorite spoons. It’s my kind of decoration.
Also a wooden spoon is gentle with pottery und treats your favorite bowls better than a metal one. The sound of wood touching dishes is nice. The touch of wood in general feels nice. A lightweight wooden spoon with its edges and curves feels even nicer.
So, many reasons to use wooden spoons. I recommend it a lot.
Here I offer some of my work, one of a kind spoons for putting food on your and your loved ones plates. I wish you wonderful meals.

$30.50 VAT included (where applicable)

$30.50 VAT included (where applicable)

$30.50 VAT included (where applicable)

$36.70 VAT included (where applicable)

$48.99 VAT included (where applicable)

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