The Sharpening Kit

Makes sharpening as easy and efficient as it gets due to the interchangeable acrylic pads which make jumping through various grits a breeze.


A Sharpening Kit developed to cover every sharpening need. You can now sharpen your wood carving knives and hook knives as easy as it gets. Because even if we might like sharpening we always want to get back to wood carving as quickly as possible.


  • Solid Oak Pad with comfortable Finger-pull Grip (Including 2x Stainless Steel Pins & 4x Silicon rubber anti-slip feet)
  • 4x Acrylic Pads – Interchangeable
  • 6x Premium Quality Adhesive-Backed Abrasive Strips (43 x 170 mm) for the Acrylic Pads
  • 1x Kangaroo Leather Strip for the Acrylic Pad – Suede side
  • 1x Oak 15 mm Strop Dowel Kangaroo Leather – Suede & Smooth – Hand-stitched (15 x 245 mm)
  • 1x Oak 15 mm Dowel for Hook Knife Sharpening
  • 6x Premium Quality Adhesive-Backed Abrasive Strips for the Oak dowel (50 x 110 mm)
  • 1x Green Stropping Compound Cube


The Solid Oak Pad

Solid Oak Pad impregnated with refined linseed oil at 130º Celsius with comfortable finger-pull grooveComes with 2x Stainless Steel Pins & 4x Silicon rubber anti-slip feet.

The Strop Dowel

Use The Kangaroo Leather Strop Dowel to strop your hook knives. Made from Veg Tanned Kangaroo Leather approx. 0.6 mm thick that has been  hand-stitched onto a wooden dowel from solid oak. The dowel has been chamfered on the edges and impregnated with refined linseed oil at 130º Celsius.

The Acrylic Pads

The Sharpening Kit comes with three acrylic pads for  the adhesive backed abrasive paper and one for the kangaroo strop (suede side). You can use both sides of the acrylic or add more to your kit if you wish to add more grits to your sharpening routine or if you want to add an extra strop for the final buff of your blades (smooth side).

The Abrasive Paper

The Sharpening Kit includes 6x different grits of Premium Quality Adhesive Backed Abrasive Waterproof  Paper Strips for the acrylic pads and 6x for the wooden dowel. The adhesive backing is strong although very easy to remove from the acrylic pads without leaving any adhesive residue.

The Sharpening Kit

Designed in Stockholm, Sweden​


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