Jacob Bøgelund


I’m Jacob, a spoon carver based in Denmark. My journey into spoon carving began in 2020, right around the time the pandemic hit. Suddenly, I found myself working from home quite a lot. Right around the same time, summer was approaching. I spend countless evenings sitting by the bonfire in the forest (in our backyard), looking for something to do that would keep my hands busy during those long summer nights – something creative and imaginative. While browsing the web, I stumbled upon a video of someone making a spoon, and I was immediately hooked. One thing led to another, and for the past year, I’ve been emerging myself into the craft, spending most of my evenings out in the woods, carving spoons.

What fascinates me about spoon carving is that something so seemingly basic and straightforward as a spoon can be designed, shaped, and crafted in so many ways – the possibilities of variation being almost infinite. I’m a firm believer that form should follow function. So, to me, keeping aesthetics simple and progressing towards refining overall shape is my primary focus. I enjoy working with the subtle details that enhance the end-result spoon by spoon.

All my spoons are made from various locally sourced woods, primarily storm felled trees from the surrounding countryside close to where I live. My spoons are finished without sanding, using only an axe and knives to leave a smooth surface. I treat the finished spoons with a mixture of food-safe oil and beeswax harvested from our own beehives.

by Jacob Bøgelund

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