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Spoons for Good

Up until November 2020 I had no idea that people carved spoons by hand. Earlier that fall, my family and I had purchased a cabin in the mountains of West Virginia and during the final walk through I noticed a standing dead tree near the cabin that had to come down.  I decided to fell

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Get Started – Green Woodworking

Green woodworking is a method and philosophy of woodworking starting with green wood, and usually using only hand tools /edge tools. Historically, most woodworking was carried out this way until the advent of industrial capitalism.  Many people start out green woodworking by learning to carve spoons and other treen – useful, small items made of

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Tips – Log to Spoon Blank

A short clip from Instagram with some tips and techniques on axing out spoon blanks.Feel free to drop a comment or your questions. Enjoy!

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How to – The Feather Spoon

1. Split the wood tangentially. The top side of the spoon will be ‘bark-side up’. Important when making the billet that the rings on the handle end are even either side of the centre or the feather effect won’t be even. Also, wood with more/tighter rings will give more feather lines. 2. The steeper the crank,

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Ask A Tool Maker – Jason Lonon

Jason Lonon from North Carolina, woodworker, ironworker and tool maker, is in his barnlike woodshop when he answers my video call. He happily shows me around; the saw, the bench, the lathe and a multitude of tools covering the walls. This building is actually portable and I’ve moved the whole thing once. Oh wow. It

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The Carvers Without Borders

The way the internet helps the small businesses grow it’s fascinating. Although the privilege to be able to send our products to every corner of the earth comes with a responsibility. To borrow an expression from a friend and fellow carver…  “Just because we can doesn’t mean that we always should!” One of my personal

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Ask A Tool Maker – Julia Kalthoff

Hi Julia, how are you?Great thanks! I just got back to Stockholm from holidays in the south of Sweden. How’s Stockholm these days?It’s been pretty quiet the past few months. Right now, it’s like any other summer though, a lot of people are away. Let’s talk about axes, shall we? Sure! How did you get into

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Ask a carver – Will Priestley

☞ How long have you been into spoon carving? I started in early 2014 but but it became more than just a hobby about 3 years ago. ☞ Why Spoons? I wanted an excuse to buy an axe! I was working in conservation, so had lots of fresh wood available to me, and had a friend

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Work in Progress, a Study or a Rabbit Hole of Creative Exploration

If you’re reading this you probably like to make stuff. You are creative and like to express this with your hands. That is a wonderful thing. I love making. How you and I go about creating our work is fascinating and multifaceted as there are people who make things. Craft people who transform imagination into

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