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Work in Progress, a Study or a Rabbit Hole of Creative Exploration

If you’re reading this you probably like to make stuff. You are creative and like to express this with your hands. That is a wonderful thing. I love making. How you and I go about creating our work is fascinating and multifaceted as there are people who make things. Craft people who transform imagination into

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Ask a Tool Maker – Svante Djärv

☞ Hi Svante, this is Jenny from The Spoon Crank. Would you have time for the interview talked about for our blog? Sure, right now is fine. I’m sitting here working as we speak… ☞ Great, let’s dive in. What is the best part of being a blacksmith? It’s a privilege being able to become who

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Kolrosing Equipment, Materials and Applying a Design

Equipment and Materials I Use for Kolrosing: Mechanical pencil: for drawing the design Eraser: to remove pencil marks  Bendable ruler: keep pencil lines straight  Kolrosing knife: cut the designs in   Crushed coffee: kolrosing pigment  Tung oil: helps get pigment into cuts and seals finished spoon  Burnishing stone: polishes spoon and closes pigment within kolrosing cuts 

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Add The Spoon Crank logo on your Instagram Stories

IPhone 1.  Make sure you have saved a logo with transparent background to your Camera Roll. You can download a dark and a light logo here. 2. Open up your Instagram Story on Instagram and a add a picture you’d like to share. We like to use the “New York” filter on our Stories. Swipe

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Ask a carver – Morgan Raleigh

☞ How long have you been into spoon carving? More than six years. ☞ Why Spoons? I am very drawn to making useful, everyday items beautiful. Spoons, bowls, brooms, baskets, and more. In a world of over consumerism and waste I find that connecting with something handmade slows down my consumption and my life. I am

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Spoon tools

Spoon carving is a bit more ‘refined’ than crudely making one and in our shared interest of craft I will focus on specific tools that are used to carve wooden spoons. An axe. A straight knife. A hook knife. A hand saw. These basic tools will get you there. This site sells spoon carving kits

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