Spoon Templates for Carving

Discover how spoon templates for carving can help you get started and further develop your spoon carving skills.

Spoon Templates for Carving
Spoon templates are especially helpful when you carve in batches.

I started using spoon templates as a way of achieving consistent results in my spoon carving. Nowadays you can come across spoon templates made of all kind of materials: carton paper, plastic, wood or even thin metal. You can find different spoon templates covering a wide variety of spoon styles, from scoops and eating spoons to cooking spoons. Here’s 6 main reasons you should consider using spoon templates when carving spoons:

1. Design consistency

Use spoon templates when you want the spoons you carve to have the pretty much the same size and shape. This is especially important if you are carving spoons in batches, aiming for a specific spoon design. The template serves as a guide, allowing you to replicate the exact same design multiple times.

2. Efficiency

Using a template can speed up the drawing process. Instead of measuring and drawing the spoon shape you’re after each time, you can simply trace it onto your wooden billet, saving time and effort.

We have published a series of books including spoon templates by few of the most skilled spoon carvers.

3. Accuracy

Templates help achieve accuracy and symmetry by providing clear guides for the spoon-bowl, the handle, and other design features. Spoon templates are particularly useful to beginners who may still be developing their drawing skills.

4. Design Variety

Spoon templates come in various designs, allowing carvers to experiment with different styles and shapes. This is also beneficial for those who want to challenge themselves and carve a spoon that looks different from what they have been used to. They are great for carvers like myself who end up, quite often, hand-drawing the exact same spoon-shape mostly because of muscle memory.

5. Repeatability

Have you ever found yourself falling in love with a particular spoon design you’ve carved? If yes then maybe is a good time to make a template based on it. The spoon template will help you recreate the same design accurately every time you want to carve the spoon design you like so much.

6. Customisation

While spoon templates provide a starting point, they also allow for a personal touch. You can modify a template by adjusting certain dimensions and adding new features, or combine design elements from different spoons designs into a new one. 

Spoon templates are useful throughout the entire spoon carving process, from initial design to the final shaping. Whether you are starting out like a beginner and looking for inspiration and guidance, or an experienced carver aiming for precision and consistency, spoon templates can be a valuable addition to your spoon carving toolkit.

On The Spoon Crank marketplace you can find a large collection of spoon templates based on wooden spoon designs crafted by some of the most talented and experienced spoon carvers worldwide.

Remember that while templates are helpful, they are not strict rules on how and when to use them. Feel free to adapt and modify them based on your preferences and carving style or not to use them at all when you fancy freehand drawing your spoon designs.

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