Aleksander Majcen


Since childhood I create stuff. I am stoked by the processes and calmness that crafting brings. Yes, sometimes can be overwhelming and frustrating, but it gives me everyday challenges, and that I love about it the most. Hi, I’m Aleks and I’m a maker.


Interesting I had no background in blacksmithing. One day I needed something forged and I was like this couldn’t be too hard right? That was the point where I was sucked into the blacksmithing hole. Started from scratch, as I had nothing but my trusty charcoal grill and hairdryer for airblast, worked outside under a shadow of an old willow tree. Time passed, a lot of work was done and I slowly moved to better tools, anvils, and finally build the true blacksmith workshop I’m in today.

Before all that I did some woodworking, mostly with greenwood and handtools. Build a pole lathe and made few bowls on it, probably that’s why I produce woodworking tools from here to there. All my tools come sharp out of the box and ready to use, each tool must be functional first then I can add a bit of my personal touch to them.

Instagram: @ravnoposeven


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