The Great Scottish Spoon Hoolie

The Great Scottish Spoon Hoolie: the best spoon carving festival in Scotland? The Great Scottish Spoon Hoolie is the chance to spend a weekend in the Scottish woodlands with like-minded greenwood carvers, to learn

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Why spoon carving?

Whether you’ve never carved a spoon before or you’re a seasoned pro, you may find yourself wondering: why spoon carving? What is it about chipping away at, carving, and smoothing a piece of wood

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How to Bind a Pastry Brush

Brush making is actually not so hard as I originally thought. It surely needs some trial and error but the whole experience was relaxing, mind stimulating and extremely satisfying. So here are my tips,

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The Axe Odyssey

Our carving axe will travel across the globe! Once upon a time in Sweden, there were two friends – Nils, a blacksmith, and Dio, a woodcarver – who shared a passion for creating beautiful

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Wood Carving Festival in Denmark

Have you heard of Snittefest?   Inspired by the first Täljfest at Sätergläntan, Snittefest was started in 2015 in the woods outside Roskilde in Denmark. Since then, this 2½ day wood carving festival has run

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