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Small froe is a tool for cleaving wood by splitting it along the grain. Used by hammering one edge of its blade into the end of a piece of wood in the direction of the grain, then twisting the blade in the wood by rotating the haft.

Froes are used in combination with wooden mallets to split timber, to make planks, wooden shingles, or kindling; they are safer and more accurate to use than hatchets or splitting mauls because the blade is not swung.

The blade has a one-sided sharpening angle !! Comes with a handy thick leather sheath with loops for a wooden handle, also on the sheath there is a special metal ring with which you can wear the tool on your belt.

Weight : 1.27 kg
Blade length (cm) : 20
Handle length (cm) : 43
Steel : Froe made from hand forged and hardened 1066 steel. HRC 57
Leather case : included
Blade height (cm) : 6

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