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Wood: Pau Rosa

Pau rosa x-cut wood blocks are cut across the wood fibers and are nicely figured and suitable for knife handles and small wood crafting.

size ~30x40x130

Pau Rosa is an African Hardwood. Heartwood tends to vary in color from a pink or yellow to a darker reddish brown, with darker brown streaks common.

White to pale yellow sapwood clearly demarcated from heartwood. Color tends to darken with age.

Also known as Bobgunnia madagascariensis, Pau Rosa tends to be more on the reddish or orangish side, while B. fistuloides tends to be a more subdued brown.

Grain tends to be wavy or interlocked. Uniform medium to coarse texture, with a high natural luster.

Generally easy to work despite its density, though cutting resistance can be high, and the wood has a tendency to burn while being drilled. Planes fairly well despite having interlocked grain (typically only slightly interlocked). Turns, glues, and finishes well.


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