Stevie Shattuck


In the spring of 2018, Steven Shattuck, aka Stevie, stood in his kitchen looking at a wooden spoon. His wife walked in and said, “what are you going to do? Make a spoon?” Well, that’s exactly what he did. Entirely self taught, Steven uses traditional woodworking techniques and tools to create one-of-a-kind wooden spoons, spatulas, butter knives and other handheld cookware.

All utensils are made in Stevie’s Colchester, Vermont residence. Trees are sourced from the local community and friends. All products are finished with knife cuts only, never sanded. After finishing cuts, they are coated with a mix of sunflower seed oil and beeswax and ready to be shipped right to you!

Wanna join the team?

If you’re interested in selling your spoon blanks or spoon carving tools with us feel free to apply.

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