Andreea Grad - Ponder And Spoon


I found spoon carving in 2021 in a tiny home tour on Instagram and my curiosity kicked in. That evening I found a Youtube video with Deborah Schneebeli Morrell (thank you Zed – Zed Outdoors) and watched it about 4 times that evening. I remember noticing the huge smile on my face as I was watching. My soul lit up, so, I listened. The next day I ordered the tools, then found some wood and started carving every day. Since then, I’ve been carving a spoon a day, sometimes more, and quickly spoon carving became my greatest teacher. A road back to nature, my ancestors, my creativity, my senses, my heart, and a community of amazing carvers all over the world. Speaking of, I have heaps of gratitude to all the makers before me and alongside me, for your generosity in sharing about your craft. I would have not have learned as much as I have without your trials and errors and sharing as much as you have. These days, the spoons I make are infused with heart, reverence, nature’s whispers, and magic. I am hoping that through what I make, people find a sense of wonder and joy, and that it’ll bring them closer to their heart and to nature.

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