Brian Trubshaw

United Kingdom

My name is Brian Trubshaw, I am the owner and designer at Journeyman Handcraft. We are a small family run company based in the heart of England – the team is made up of myself, my mother Carol and my partner Emily. Myself and my mother create long-lasting outdoor bushcraft and camping gear from canvas and leather, whilst Emily manages the branding and marketing. Together we are a team going on our very own journey through both life and business!

The concept of Journeyman began to develop several years ago as a hobby, and as time progressed I found that I had developed a real passion for making things, and not only that but making things well. Soon enough people began asking me how much it would cost for me to make items for them, and so Journeyman was born! 

Several years on now, I have enlisted the help of my family and have found that we make a great team. We pride ourselves in making high quality products, and nothing leaves the workshop without first being thoroughly checked over and tested first. Throughout my own outdoor adventures, I have gained a strong appreciation for gear that is of a very high quality. When outdoors, situations can sometimes become tough and stressful, and it’s in those times that you really need gear you can rely upon. 

Only the best fabrics, leather and hardware are used – so we can be confident in saying that our products will last you a lifetime!

The range of products has grown significantly since we first started out as hobbyists several years ago and every product has gone through changes to make them better, we take customer feedback very seriously. So when suggestions are made we look into the potential and react accordingly. Designing and making new products is something we very much enjoy and the list of ideas is only ever getting bigger!

We’re having a lot of fun running this small business and it’s slowly going from strength to strength, and one thing is for sure though – we simply wouldn’t be able to wake up every day and do this wonderful job if it wasn’t for you people out there! So a sincere thank you for your support and custom over the years! 

Many Thanks,
Brian and the Journeyman Team.

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