Innovation, design and quality is the lead star for our company Brisa Ab Oy. We started as a manufacturer of touring skates back in 1996. This lead into an interest for steels and knife blades. From here we developed our company into supply service for knife makers, and designer and manufacturer of knives.
Located in the knife area of Ostrobothnia in Finland close to the nature, lakes and the woods. We are born and raised in using knives, knowing very well it’s functionality.
We are proud of our presence in many countries. Our close and honest contact to customers and collaborators has developed our product range and strengthened our brand internationally.
As a dynamic company we are continuously developing our BRISA products, always preserving our roots in the Finnish and Scandinavian knife culture. No matter are you a hunter, fisherman, hiker, bushcrafter, woodworker or a knife enthusiast, we greatly aim for your satisfaction and pleasure in using our knives – for generations.

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