Bobby Spooner


“Where do you get your wood from?”, people often ask me. Either that or: “Is Bobby Spooner your real name?!”.

I’d love to say that it is and I was born to be a spoon carver. But in fact I only started carving in the autumn of 2018! At a time when I was struggling with my mental health and needing a new purpose in life, I was drawn towards green woodwork. I had worked with wood before and had loved turning bowls on a powered lathe. But green woodwork spoke to me in a different way. It felt organic and wholesome. I was drawn to it for the well-being aspects- being in touch with nature, working with my hands and my body and creating a beautiful yet functional object that could tell a story.

As for the wood, there is a story behind each piece I carve. I source it all locally in a variety of ways. Some of it I’ve obtained through volunteer conservation work in local green spaces. Other bits have been given to me by friends and neighbours. And some has come from speaking to tree surgeons when they have been out on jobs in my city of Norwich. I get a great thrill in discovering a variety I haven’t carved before. It’s one of the aspects of green woodwork I love the most- learning more and more about the raw material I’m using.

For whatever reason you require a spoon blank, whether it’s because you don’t have access to wood or you don’t have an axe, it’s my absolute pleasure to share some of my blanks with you. All of my blanks are prepared with an exceptionally high level of care and attention and will be packaged thoughtfully to ensure they are fresh when they arrive on your doorstep.

Happy carving!

by Bobby Spooner

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