Broomcorn Hawk Tail Broom – Gold Cord

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2 in stock

Broomcorn Hawk Tail Broom – for home or workshop, handmade with broomcorn and nylon cord.

Brooms are an essential home item. They are used for tending our home space, workshops and for altars & rituals. A morning sweep is a meditative task that starts my day. Industrial machines are taking over crafts that were once taught and passed through the generations. This Broomcorn Turkey Wing Broom is an item that you will use almost everyday.

Broomcorn, a type of sorghum characterized by its long, sturdy stalks, has been cultivated for thousands of years, primarily in regions like Africa and Asia. The utilization of broomcorn for making brooms dates back to ancient times, where early civilizations discovered its suitability for sweeping and cleaning purposes.

Size: approx. 35cm/14in

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