My name is Dionysios, though here in Sweden many friends and colleagues call me Dio. It was 2019 when I received a spoon carving kit as a Christmas present from my lovely partner. I got so excited! I love wood you see. I literally grew up covered in saw dust. I do remember, as a kid going through the piles of wood scrap trying to find the best fitting pieces in order to put together my own toys. Airplanes, trucks, buildings you name it. You see, I was only allowed to use wood glue and sand paper. I was too little to go around using any sharp tools like chisels or saws. So, finding the right pieces and match them together was always the key to the success for my little projects. Unfortunately and before even starting using the kit my excitement started fading away until I forgot that this kit has ever existed. It was some time this year when going through my tools I discovered my spoon carving kit. Christmas was suddenly happening again. The excitement was back and this time multiplied. It was then when I decided to learn to carve. And what would be the most natural think to do? To go to youtube of course. It was there where I met for the very first time Sean, Lee, Adam and Will. It is their love and passion for spoon carving what made me want to learn more about the craft and them. It was their generosity to share their knowledge that made me wanting to find a way to connect with them by learning their language, the language of their artistic expression. Soon I realise that I was actually missing something to get me started. I was missing a spoon blank. It was then when I contacted Lee Stoffer for the first time on Instagram.

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Set of 2 Cooking, Serving Spoon Blanks


Set of 2 Cooking, Serving Spoon Blanks. Total length 300 mm (~12 inch).
Wood depends on the availability at the time of the order. Most probably will be birch, alder or cherry.


The Carvers Without Borders (TCWB):

All spoon blanks marked as “TCWB” can be made and shipped by a carver close to you. Learn more.

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