Sebastian Ungh


Hello! I am Sebastian and have been obsessed with carving since 2015, when I picked up my old pukko knife, gifted to me as a young boy by my grandfather, and decided to make me a spoon. Since then, I have carved countless of them, sold a few every now and then, and teached spoon carving and green woodworking from time to time.

One thing in particular that interest me is chip carving and how it is possible for people to decorate their work and make it very individual only by removing a few chips shaped as triangles or lines. The decievingly simple technique allows for great variation however and you can make strict mathematical designs as well as whimsical and easygoing, something I personally often go for.

I carve almost daily, since it is fun and it grounds me. It is a bit like meditating, but also very social and I end up with a finished object to pass on to others and hopefully brighten their day. What’s not to love about that?


by Sebastian Ungh

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