Ana Gomes


Hello, I am Ana and I’m from a small village in Portugal.

Since I was a child I was drawn to wood. My grandad was a carpenter, with hands roughened by work and the love of his labor. He had his own carpentry shop, which I visited frequently. These visits to the workshop soon left in me a spark, wishing to touch everything and hold the light of that magic place. When I carved my first spoon in 2018 it was like returning home. Like my hands were longing for this, waiting to dance between a knife and a piece of green wood. After that I never stopped.

Mainly self-taught through trial and error, my carving journey got a boost when I started to attend carving festivals and workshops from other makers. Nowadays I carve as much as I can, sharing the joy of spoon carving in every possible way, being it selling spoons, providing spoon blanks or doing workshops for beginners.
You can find out more about my work on Instagram as

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Cooking spoon blank
Cooking spoon blank

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