Hampus Nilsson Borum


My journey in blacksmithing started in 2016 when I was 13 years old. I had always been interested in art and began working with wood at around 10 years old using a lathe my dad got from a relative. While I got better at woodworking, I eventually got tired of it and wanted a change.

One day, I visited our neighbor’s farm to get some lumber from his sawmill. I noticed a coal forge tucked away in a corner and asked if it was one. He said yes and let me borrow it. I took it home, fixed it up, and then reached out to a local scrap yard. They generously donated two pieces of railroad tracks for us to start hammering on.

It was winter, and it was cold, but I was determined to learn blacksmithing. My twin brother, Casper, soon got interested too. In the winter darkness, we watched as the fire crackled and the iron twisted with each hammer blow, and we were fascinated.

As we researched more about blacksmithing online, we discovered that many blacksmiths used different fuel. This led us on a quest to find coal.

After a lot of effort, we connected with Vinslövs Hembygdsförening, where we bought a box of coal from Lars Persson. He noticed our enthusiasm and invited us to their blacksmithing evening, where older gentlemen gathered to forge in the smithy.

When we entered the smithy, everyone welcomed us warmly. They insisted we try forging that evening. We learned to make skewers, and I felt so proud working with Lars and the group. That’s when I knew this was what I wanted to do.

Over the years, we gathered tools and knowledge rapidly. Now, five years later, we have a well-equipped smithy on the farm, and there are almost no limits to what we can create.

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