Matt Day

United States

I’m Matt and I make things from trees. I started woodworking 12 years ago, making furniture for my new daughter. We were at a birthday party, and she sat on this little wooden chair the whole time. She was in love with it. I asked the mom where she got the chair because I wanted to buy her one. The mom’s answer? “I made it.” I felt this challenge, ‘Okay, I’m going to have to make this chair now.’ It wasn’t much to speak of, but it’s still standing, and we use it as a little bookshelf now.

That little chair sparked something in me and started me on a craft journey. Making things for my family with my hands was so gratifying and rewarding, and I soon wanted to get even closer to the beginning of the process, to start with a tree. That led me to green woodworking, spoon carving, and eventually hewn bowls.

Bowls have now become my passion. From perfectly hand sized dessert bowls to the largest servings bowls – from the big swing of an adze to the final wispy shaving taken with a gouge – the whole process of shaping and decoration excites me.

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