How to – The Feather Spoon

1. Split the wood tangentially. The top side of the spoon will be ‘bark-side up’. 
Important when making the billet that the rings on the handle end are even either side of the centre or the feather effect won’t be even. Also, wood with more/tighter rings will give more feather lines.

2. The steeper the crank, the more rings you carve through so more feather lines. But steeper means less strong spoon so you need to compromise!

3. Carve two flat bevels either side of the handle to make a ridge down the centre. As you do this, you’ll see the feather effect appear.

4. You’ll end up with the nice circles in the bowl and feather lines in the handle of the spoon.

* Works best in wood with a strong grain. You can also use open grained wood and rub coffee grounds/cinnamon or some other powder to highlight the grain.

You can purchase the feather spoon template and see the finished feather spoon by Will Priestley here.

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