Bark Basketry – 2 Days Workshop

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2 Days Workshop: Sat & Sun 10/11 June

Dorchester, DT2 8QJ, UK, Hardy’s Birthplace Visitor Centre

Have you ever made something truly from start to finish? Have you ever set out with nothing, and ended up with something tangible & useful in your hands?

In this two day workshop you will learn the ancient craft of bark basketry. The techniques, methods and materials you’ll use have changed very little since pre-historic times.

Day 1
– The history of bark usage
– Understanding trees & bark
– Identification of suitable trees
– How to harvest bark
– How to store bark
– Case study; Native Americans & Wester Red Cedar

Each student will harvest their own bark ready for the following day

Day 2
– How to prepare and use bark for baskets
– Barks strengths and weaknesses

Each student will create their own basket using a combination of bark they have harvested, and some harvested & supplied by Fazey Woodcraft.

We will be making folded bark baskets, similar to the one shown in the workshop image. These are based on a pre-historic Native American design, called a ‘Makuk’.

Each student will also learn basic carving and green-woodworking techniques for making the rim & handle of the basket.

As with all woodcraft & bushcraft activities, the most important elements are identification & respect. Tree identification, respectful harvesting and general woodland knowledge will permeate the days learning.

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