Cooking/Serving Spoon Blank

$9.00 VAT included (where applicable)


Cooking/Serving Spoon Blank. Approx. 12 in. (30 cm).
The type of wood is going to depend on what there is available in the area.
I  mostly carve box elder, sycamore, pecan and sometimes mesquite.
This blank is perfect for carving a large cooking or serving spoon. The egg-shaped bowl is versatile when cooking with various dishes and the long handle allows for reaching into deeper pots easily.

This listing is for one blank only. Available worldwide through “The Carvers Without Borders” network.

The Carvers Without Borders (TCWB):
All spoon blanks marked as “TCWB” can be made and shipped by a carver close to you. Learn more.

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$10.00 VAT included (where applicable)

$10.00 VAT included (where applicable)

$10.00 VAT included (where applicable)

$11.00 VAT included (where applicable)

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