Japanese Swallow Artwork Kit S

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Would you like to make your own wooden swallow object? You can make your original swallow object using
yourcutter knife or small knife and threegrades sandpaper and acrylic gouache included in the kit. You put
in a metal stick to a wooden pedestal and the swallow body, The swallow object is completed.

Tsubame Artwork Kit SET Contains (Small)

▪ Tsubame Material (S) Cedar Size H 5.5cm × W 13cm × D2cm
▪ Pedestal Diameter 7cm

▪ Wire 14cm
▪ Acrylic Gouache 11ml

▪ One Brush
▪ Sandpaper 150,240,400

How to make you own Swallow Artwork
1. Using a cutter or knife, round it up and sharpen it to the desired shape.
2. After shaping it to the desired shape, use # 150 sandpaper to smooth it and polish it until it is no longer rough, then use # 400 sandpaper to prepare the surface.
3. Color the pedestal and swallow with acrylic gouache.
4. When it dries, use # 240 sandpaper to remove unevenness. Please finish it with aging processing to create a tasteful atmosphere.
5. Insert the wire into the pedestal and the hole of the swallow to complete. Rust will appear on the wire over the years, but please enjoy the change as a texture.

Before Use
・ Dilute the paint with water in a ratio of approximately 2: 1.
During Use
・ Acrylic Gouache dries to a water- resistant finish in 5-15 minutes.
・ If your work is suspended, tightly seal the wet paint on the palette with plastic cooking wrap.
・ Prevent brushes from drying during painting by keeping them in water when not in use.
After Use
・ Clean your brush before the paint dries.

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