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5 in stock (can be backordered)

The Sharpening Kit is a one of the products I’ve designed I’m probably most proud of. Its unique concept of interchangeable acrylic pads makes going through the various grits an absolute breeze. No need to discard the abrasive papers between grits anymore (See the video below). Use one or both sides of the acrylic pads to add more grits in your sharpening routine. The wooden block and the dowels are made of solid oak and they have been impregnated with refined linseed oilat 130°C/266 F. The Sharpening Kit is designed and handcrafted in Sweden and it comes ready to use straight out of the box.

  • Solid Oak Block with featuring a finger-pull grip (Including 2x Stainless Steel Pins & a non-slip bottom)
  • 4x Interchangeable Acrylic Pads
  • 6x Premium Quality Adhesive-Backed Abrasive Strips (43 x 170 mm) for the Acrylic Pads
  • 1x Kangaroo Leather Strip – Suede side (Comes on one of the Acrylic Pads)
  • 1x Oak 15 mm Strop Dowel Kangaroo Leather – Suede & Smooth – Hand-stitched (15 x 245 mm)
  • 1x Green Stropping Compound Cube
  • 1x Oak 15 mm Dowel for Hook Knife Sharpening
  • 6x Premium Quality Adhesive-Backed Abrasive Strips for the Oak dowel (50 x 110 mm)


  1. Extra kangaroo leather strop to buff your blades without compound after stropping on the
  2. Extra dowels for sharpening hook knives and extra abrasive paper for the dowels
  3. Extra acrylic pads and adhesive-backed abrasive paper.
  4. Purchase the tool roll here.

Note: The premium adhesive backed abrasive that comes with the sharpening kit, has been throughly tested and won’t leave any adhesive residue on the acrylic pads. We cannot although guarantee that the same applies to other brands of adhesive-backed abrasive paper. Please test a small piece of your adhesive-backed abrasive paper on the acrylic first. Do not use nail polish remover or other chemicals to clean the acrylic pad.

Please note that the leather tool roll in the image is not included!


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See how it works


A Sharpening Video Tutorial with Will Priestley

A Sharpening Video Tutorial with Andy Spoons

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7 reviews for The Sharpening Kit

  1. Avatar


    A great sharpening system. Easy to use and no mess to clean up after. The adhesive papers does not leave any residue on the acrylic pads witch is nice, and the wooden block is clean and well made. A tip is not to buy to few acrylic plates, it makes the sharpening experience even more satisfying with more interchangable plates👌 The dowels work great as well, and the overall look of the system makes you want to keep it out on the livingroom table all the time.

  2. Avatar

    Skjeavtre (verified owner)

    What separates this from other systems is the multiple interchangeable acrylic pads. And this is where it’s brilliance lie. Here you don’t need to take on and of every grit paper on the same block while sharpening, which is extremely practical and clever considering that quality sandpaper actually holds up to at least 2 sessions before wearing out. At least with regular tool steel. It might not with super steels, but this is rarely found on sloyd tools. In any case it is great to avoid cleaning and stripping on and of all the time.

    The system as a concept I think is perfect. However, there is one small draw back: the wooden block is just tiny bit narrow, which can cause a slight tilting (especially if one inserts the included non-slip pads) when you get to the belly part of the blade. With a little technique and practice this can be avoided, though. And if you clamp it, it is no problem at all. So, all in all, this is a truly great product, which I highly recommend!

  3. Avatar

    woodcarver_tshansen (verified owner)

    I have used alot of sharpening systems for my collection of knifes. But i always go back to sandpaper and oil. To have it all in one system like this, to easy change between the grits makes the sharpening process fast and so much more easy.

    But there is one thing with this system that stands out even more, the leather used for stropping! It is amazing quality and strops your knifes back to sharp better than any other strops i have used.
    Another great thing about this system, you can easy and cheap buy new parts for it.

  4. Avatar


    The best sharpening system I have come across.
    I was searching a long time for something like this.
    The two biggest benefit for me are
    1) the size of this system, you have everything you need in such a compact and transportable size.
    No need of multiple wooden blocks with sandpaper and strops.
    2) The quality of the used materials. Especially the leather strops (I would recommend also getting an additional smooth strop)
    I use them daily for the and my knifes have never been sharper in a shorter time.
    Well worth the money, would definitely buy it again

  5. Avatar

    Felipe Buff (verified owner)

    This sharpening system is very well though out. There is not even comparison with other in the market. High quality materials, attention to details and very practical. The acrylic plates make sharpening efficient and produces less waste. I personally use different knives and they need different grits through out the carving process. Simply change the plate and there you go. The strops are made out of Kanguru leather, giving blades a sharp fine edge. I use it every day, for straight knives, hook knives, axes, chisels. Highly recommend. Well done, SpoonCrank!

  6. Avatar

    Øyvind Solberg (verified owner)

    High quality all the way. Easy to use, no mess, and a sharp result. I will recommend everyone to buy the Kangaroo Leather Strips as well to get a perfect result.
    Excellent service!

  7. Avatar

    Matthew Cummings

    Love the tools I’ve gotten so far. The sharpening system is wonderful. Thoughtfully designed, functional and most impressively, beautiful. Only companies run by craftspeople make that last aspect. If something is truly functional and understood, it will become beautiful.

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