Set of Tip up - Tip down Pole Lathe Knives & Centers


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Ships from

Use these pole lathe hooks to turn almost anything. Bowls, plates, cups (as far as you can reach with these, of course, if the cups or bowls are very deep you’ll need another special hook for the task. These tools are made for basic turning on the pole lathe).

They are forged from Φ 12 spring steel ( 51crv4 ), the blade is quenched and tempered. Finished with a thin coat of tung oil and beeswax.

The bent pole lathe center has its bottom forged into a square so it doesn’t turn around when fixed in place. When I first made this one for myself I did not forge the square and the part where it is fixed was twisting, despite being glued. I took it out, re-forged it, and glued it back into place with epoxy. It’s been in place ever since. Don’t be afraid to modify the centers to your liking. You can shorten them if they’re too long.

Made to order. Approx. 2-3 weeks lead time.

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