Noric Steel


Noric Steel is a one man operated bussiness. The man behind it all is Dan Pecnik, a 25 year old self taught blacksmith. For Dan it all started at a young age.
Having lived in the mountains of Slovenia on a somewhat remote village, there was always something to do around the house, especially regarding woodworking.
From building to felling trees and preparing firewood all year round, tools were heavily used but they kept breaking as they were cheap. It bothered him so much that eventually he started to research if it is possible to make a better quality tools, so eventually he found out about blacksmithing and made his first primitive forge about 9 years ago and he hasnt stopped forging since.
”I hope to produce tools of the finest quality that may be used every day and passed down to younger generations as heirlooms that will be cherished for years to come!” – Dan

Noric Steel – Name origin
The name of the company derives from a Celtic Kingdom – Regnum Noricum (Kingdom of Noric) from about 400BC to 1st century AD, that spread across the lands of what is now Slovenia and Austria, and was even back then renowned for their finest steel and high quality iron ore, that many could not produce, it was even largely imported to weaponize the powerful roman military from early days. Dan being somewhat of a history buff immediately went for the name, Noric Steel, which resembles quality!
Slovenia’s steel industry remains strong to this day and we have some of the world best blacksmiths and metalurgy scientist coming from here.

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