Svante Djärv Adzes


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Ships from


The adzes are available in four different sizes. The ideal tool to effectively carve kuksas, bowls etc.

Adze mini 0,4 kg

  • Total length 23 cm
  • The opening of the edge, corner to corner, around 4 cm

Adze 0,6 kg

  • Bevel length 5 cm
  • Total length 23 cm

Adze 0,7 kg

  • Bevel length 6 cm
  • Total length 23 cm

Adze 1,3 kg

  • Bevel length 8 cm
  • Total length 42 cm

Even though we make sure all wood has the same humidity the total weight might vary because of the different density and characteristics of each wooden handle. The handle is made by ash wood.

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