David Rauenbusch


I’m a self taught, full time spoon carver living in The Huon Valley, Tasmania, Australia,  with my wife Michelle and kids. My path to wooden spoons began as a cabinet maker. It all started after an argument with Michelle. I can’t even remember what about, but she said something like…you’re a cussing woodworker and I don’t even have any wooden spoons in our kitchen.  We both huffed off and a few hours later I came back with a spoon I’d made her. She loved it and said I should make more as they might sell. I did and slowly the spoon bug took hold.

So my early spoons were made from vintage seasoned timber, primarily with gouge and sloyd knife. After a couple of years of dust and abrasive wood I saw the light and started experimenting with fresh green wood. I was amazed at how addictive the use of simple hand tools in traditional methods and green wood can be. I still make the occasional spoon from old and dry timber but am really enjoying the greenwood journey. Always learning.

When I’m not carving spoons or teaching people how to carve spoons, you can find me cycling the local backroads or bushwalking in the Tasmanian wilderness.

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