Jonatan Van Geit


Here I am, Jonatan.

Why spoons?

As long as I can remember I was fascinated about knives. Although I was considered too young for owning one, my grandfather secretly gave me my first knife. I instantly cut myself. That’s how I learned what ‘sharp’ means.

I grew up watching and reading a lot of survival related content, confirming my idea that knives are the number one tool. It is used in the kitchen, for carving, making objects, building shelter, starting a fire and many other things. Yet, it is small enough to live in a pocket, making it appealing to the young me going for hikes everytime I could.

The scouts got me into bushcraft, so I bought a bushcraft knife. Bushcraft got me into carving, so I bought a carving knife.

First I made wooden catapults and spoons with an opinel and later a Helle knife. My spoons sucked! But it was more the process of making it and being able to offer some handmade gifts to loved ones that I enjoyed.

I was immediately in love when I picked up a Mora 105. It was really helpfull for creating waves and reaching tight spots on the wood because of the pointy construction.

As a student in nutrition sciences and someone who’s passionated by the relationship between food and the human body, I make a great use of spoons. I cook on a day to day basis testing out my handmade utensils to keep improving them again and again.

Everything I’ve learned is as a result from watching and doing. Shout out to zedoutdoors, barnthespoon and woodsmanfinest who make educational videos on YouTube. I’ve had a lot more close calls (especially with the axe) than I wished. I think it’s really important to take a minute, analyse the risk and try to adjust.

I’m really lucky having acces to wood. I’m conscious that not everyone has this chance. Being able to carve while living in an urban environment or without access to wood is a wonderful idea of The Spoon Crank project. A project and a community that I am happy to join.

Feel free to contact me. A big part of my motivation to learn about making spoons and nutrition is to share what I’ve learned. You could also share a specific design or an idea you have for me to turn into a spoon. Looking forward hearing from you.

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