How to – Woven Bark Knife Sheath

Let me guess, you’ve bought a Mora 106 and it keeps falling out of the crappy plastic sheath it comes with? Or perhaps you just think these bark sheaths look amazing and want to

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Steam-Bent Blanks

What is steam bending? Wood is mainly cellulose and lignin. Lignin is thermo-plastic. If you heat it up, it gets squishy, letting you change its shape. If you hold it in that shape while

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Why hollow grind?

Hollow grinding for edge tools is nothing new (ever seen one of those old-timey hand-cranked bench grinders?), but it has recently become a bit of a trend in the greenwoodworking world, and for good

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How to – The Feather Spoon

1. Split the wood tangentially. The top side of the spoon will be ‘bark-side up’. Important when making the billet that the rings on the handle end are even either side of the centre or

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Kolrosing Equipment, Materials and Applying a Design

Equipment and Materials I Use for Kolrosing: Mechanical pencil: for drawing the design Eraser: to remove pencil marks  Bendable ruler: keep pencil lines straight  Kolrosing knife: cut the designs in   Crushed coffee: kolrosing pigment 

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Spoon tools

Spoon carving is a bit more ‘refined’ than crudely making one and in our shared interest of craft I will focus on specific tools that are used to carve wooden spoons. An axe. A

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