The Sloyd Knife – 90mm

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The Sloyd Knife by The Spoon Crank is finally here! Designed and crafted for precision, this knife is perfect for most of your woodworking projects. Its unique decagon-faceted handle provides the perfect grip. The blade is made of D2 steel and it measures 90mm. It features a scandi grind at 25º degrees and a narrow point, which is ideal for wood carving.


  1. Blade length: 90mm
  2. Blade thickness: 2.7mm
  3. Steel: D2
  4. Hardness: 58-60 HRC
  5. Handle: Ash wood
  6. Worldwide Shipping

D2 steel, sometimes known as a “semi-stainless” steel, is a high-carbon, high-chromium tool steel known for its air-hardening properties. It boasts excellent wear and abrasion resistance, making it a popular choice for various industrial applications. D2 steel can achieve a hardness ranging from 55 to 62 HRC. Thanks to its high chromium content, D2 steel also provides mild corrosion resistance.


Sheath, Here you can find a slip-sheath that fits. Make sure to choose the 90mm one from the list.



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