Slip Sheath for Slöjd Knife

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100% Handcrafted and saddle stitched slip sheath for any wood carving knife. Colours may slightly vary. For personalised requests feel free to drop me a message in the form below. Available for 90 mm and 100 mm knife blades.

More colour variations here.

You can find the Hand forged Slöjd Knife you see in the pictures here.


Send us a message if you have any questions about the product.


$18.00$28.00 VAT included (where applicable)

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1 review for Slip Sheath for Slöjd Knife

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    tldward (verified owner)

    I ordered x4 Slöjd knives from Adam Ashworth over at Ash & Iron. At the time of my purchase, the knives did not come with sheathes. Fortunately, the Spoon Crank offered slip sheathes that fit these knives perfectly! I ordered a 100mm, 90mm, 70mm 55mm, and 40mm sheathe (all dark brown). All of them fit like a glove and are of excellent quality! I had also ordered a small Hans Karlsson detail Slöjd knife, and the Spoon Crank made me a sheathe to fit it. Just like the other sheathes, the fit was great! I live in the USA, and the shipping is very quick and reasonable. Highly recommend!!!

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