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Slöjd Knife - Wood Carving Knife - 90 mm


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Ships from


Hand forged Slöjd Knife 90 mm by Adam Ashworth aka Ash and Iron. Wood carving knife hand forged and ground from 1080 steel with a length of approximately 90mm and slight distal taper. Razor sharp, perfect for all your greenwood carving needs. This is a hand made knife so the product you’ll get may vary slightly from those in the pictures.

Comes without the leather slip-sheath you see in the pictures.
You can find the leather slip-sheath here and some colourful alternatives here

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3 reviews for Slöjd Knife – Wood Carving Knife – 90 mm

  1. Felipe Buff (verified owner)

    This knife changed my carving. It came razor sharp, the handle is not only beautiful, but also grips well. The edge keeps its sharpness, even carving dry hard wood, as Oak, for example. I am super happy with it.

  2. Niklas G (verified owner)

    True craftmanship! It really helped me to up my game. The sharpness is amazing, Good grip, long edge and a really fine tip for thoose tricky turns and details! Sorry Mora, but I am never going back =)

  3. Pilu Skifte Grønvold (verified owner)

    I have had it in a week now.. it’s quite an upgrade from my old Mora 105! Comfortable in my hand and very, very sharp.

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