Barbados Mahogany Coffee Scoop

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  • Coffee Scoop
  • Hand carved with an axe and knife
  • Made from Barbados Mahogany (Swietenia mahogani)
  • Carved in Barbados
  • Finished with a local beeswax and walnut oil wood balm
  • Length is 16cm, bowl holds 1 heaping tablespoon

Coffee scoop made in Barbados, from Barbados Mahogany. Barbados Mahogany is a beautiful timber that has been valued in Barbados for hundreds of years. It is probably best know for the furniture it is used to make, and many houses in Barbados probably have at least one piece of Barbados Mahogany furniture. To this day the timber holds high value in Barbados, not only because of its quality, but because the trees are protected. The wood is only available when trees fall, need to be pruned, or permission is granted to fell a tree from the government.

This is my favourite coffee scoop to make, functional and beautiful. A great addition for any coffee lover.

To care, hand wash only and avoid leaving to soak in water for an extended period. Wooden spoons benefit from regular use, and I believe get more beautiful over time. To extend its life I’d recommend occasionally given it rub down with a small amount of oil (whatever you have in the kitchen is ok, but walnut or flaxseed oil is best) and letting it sit in the sun for a few minutes.

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